Garden Safari – Fantastic Beasts

When the Covid pandemic lockdown started in 2020 and we were confined to our homes for all but essential excursions we decided we would explore our small garden. At first we thought this would be thee work of a week or two. Threee years later and we are still going. Slightly obsessively.

Our observations and records found their way into notebooks, journals, publications, and various web-sites but they were never consolidated in to one archive. So now these reflections and observations will find a home in the these pages. Of necessity some of the postings will be in a random rather than chronological order. Indeed the first will be from an article posted in the 2021 Annual Reporort of Southampton Natural History Society.

Along with our notes, I have also made our lists availbale. The species list shows every beast we have seen in the garden. Most are identified to species level. The totals page uses a very rough and ready taxanomic structure (with apologies to the purists) to group the animals together, just so we can keep an easy track of what we have seen.

I hope you enjoy perusing these pages in particular, and the rest of my web-site in general.

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