I’m Mike Creighton. Born and bred in Southampton U.K. and still in situ.

Since I retired from the my job as a Director of the Governance and Legal Unit for the UK Labour Party in March 2017, I have been able to spend a considerable amount of time photographing the natural history in and around Southampton and, occasionally, further afield.

I am still hoping to see another Labour government in my life-time because someone needs to save the planet and it ain’t going to be Jacob Rees Mogg and John Redwood.

In the meantime, together with my partner, Jan, we are doing our best one insect at a time and you can read more about that on our garden safari pages.

Apart from constantly humming ‘things can only get better’ – our 1997 election anthem – my unbridled optimism is ably demonstrated by my continued support for the mighty Southampton FC.

Do have a poke around on this web-site.
Let me know if you like stuff. Better still, if you really like stuff you can buy it.

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